Phishing attacks have spread beyond email.

Complete Protect™ secures your cloud-based email and Microsoft Teams® environments from advanced phishing threats like BEC, ATO, credential harvesting, and more.

Phishing attacks are the biggest threat your company faces today.

  • 1Unfortunately, phishing attacks are no longer limited to just email. Our Complete Protect™ solution extends coverage beyond your email environment to also include Microsoft Teams.
  • 2Your security team is already stretched thin trying to defend against email-based phishing attacks, asking them to stop Teams-based attacks will be overwhelming. IRONSCALES can help.
  • 3Account Takeover (ATO) attacks are also on the rise. Our Complete Protect™ package provides comprehensive ATO protection through automated incident response, proactive threat hunting, virtual SOC, and employee training.
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Get Complete Protect™

We integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace platforms

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Our email security service is designed to come to you and to scale at the pace of your business. Using our native API integrations, you can deploy IRONSCALES in just minutes with no configuration changes, risk or downtime to your operations.

Microsoft Teams® Protection

The IRONSCALES™ powerfully simple security platform adds a robust layer of security for Microsoft Teams® to help keep organizations safe.

  • Automatically scans and removes malicious or suspicious links and attachments shared in Microsoft Teams
  • Comprehensive incident management and reporting via IRONSCALES dashboard, mobile app, API, and email notifications
  • Built for use with Office 365 for seamless integration and configuration in just two clicks
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Enhanced Account Takeover (ATO) Detection and Response

IRONSCALES analyzes content and communication styles to detect and prevent even the most sophisticated account takeover (ATO) attempts.  

  • ATO detection & remediation operates in real-time, unlike other solutions on the market 
  • Goes beyond Active Directory and also incorporates your custom email rules and end users' sending behavior  in order to better detect anomalies 
  • Offers 1-click remediation from your computer or mobile device so you can address phishing threats quickly 

Phishing Simulations Built on Real-World Data

Conventional phishing simulations rely on fictional or outdated scenarios. IRONSCALES’ simulations use real-time data from our global customer community. Your team will prepare for relevant attacks such as credential theft, invoice fraud, vendor account compromise, and ransomware.

Phishing Awareness Training for Every Employee

We make it easy to customize your training program to meet your employees where they are—by role, function, access level, geo, or device with smishing capabilities.
The exercises are fun, engaging, and based on real-world data and threats—and it's all built in to the IRONSCALES™ solution.
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One-Click Campaigns & Auto-Generated Training Content

Launch training campaigns in one click!
Designing new training campaigns is a snap with the IRONSCALES™ solution with auto-generated training content customized to each  of your users' awareness level and phishing susceptibility score.

It’s not just our customers talking about us

The word is out: IRONSCALES is leading the pack in email security!