Are You Prepared for a Ransomware Attack?

Determine your organization's readiness and get the plans, tools, and templates needed to help close your current security gaps

The Ransomware Incident Response Playbook by Info-Tech Research Group was created to help you:

  • 1Assess your organization’s ransomware readiness
  • 2Conduct a Business Impact Analysis to raise risk awareness and set recovery targets
  • 3Create a ransomware response workflow and runbook
  • 4Build a project roadmap and begin to close security gaps

Get My Ransomware Playbook

Ransomware Readiness Assessment Tool

Identify your organization’s current state and target state of maturity across the components of a standard security incident management framework, along with potential initiatives to help close any gaps.


Ransomware Project Roadmap Tool

Use the Ransomware Project Roadmap to prioritize initiatives based on factors such as effort, cost, and risk. Help to discover high-priority tasks and present possible capacity bottlenecks, and create an executive presentation to communicate your findings.



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