Tackling SaaS Communication and Collaboration Security Challenges:

Trends and Strategies for Enterprises


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Tackling SaaS Security Challenges Strategies For Enterprise Communications


Dive deeper into the world of SaaS security with this on-demand webinar, where focus on the challenges enterprises face when securing email and abundant collaboration services. 

In support of the soon-to-be-released IRONSCALES sponsored report from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group™ (ESG) on the challenges enterprises face in efforts to enhancing security, reducing costs, and streamlining the operations of an overabundance of communication tools. 

We present data-driven findings, insights, and recommendations from a survey of 500 IT security administrators in mid- to large-sized organizations. This valuable information provides actionable strategies to help organizations improve their security measures. 

In this informative and engaging session, you’ll learn: 

  • Shadow IT is a security gap blind spot, especially with the low technical barrier to adoption of communication and collaboration  
  • While most organizations are leveraging six or more tools for communication and collaboration, email is considered almost 3x more vulnerable to threat actors. 
  • That 31% of IT leaders claim that phishing and BEC attacks have likely penetrated their security controls in the past 12 months 
  • There’s a paradox of confidence in native security controls of email and collaboration services—respondents who are mostly to highly confident will continue to invest in 3rd party layers to address gaps 


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Audian Paxson
Director of Technical Product Marketing, IRONSCALES