Unleashing AI in Email Security: Current Trends and Best Practices


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The evolving landscape of cyber threats has turned email into a principal attack vector, leading to an urgent need for advanced security solutions. Osterman Research and IRONSCALES have collaborated on an insightful research project, exploring the transformative power of AI in email security, its application, and the tangible benefits organizations are experiencing from adopting AI-enabled email security solutions.

In this webinar, principal analyst at Osterman Research Michael Sampson and Director of Technical Product Marketing Audian Paxson dive into the latest Osterman Research report covering:

  • Current Use of Using AI in Email Security: Gain insights into where small organizations to large enterprises are already reaping the rewards of AI-enabled email security and where further enhancements are needed for maximum efficacy.
  • AI in The Email Security Stack: Discover how AI is being incorporated into existing email security stacks and associated cybersecurity tools 
  • Preparing for AI Adoption: Get an overview of the plans and timelines for organizations preparing to transition towards AI-enabled email security solutions. 
  • The Risks of Outdated Gateways: Understand the risks and potential losses associated with continued use of outdated email security systems. 
  • Best Practices for AI Implementation: Uncover best practices for integrating AI-enabled email security into your existing cybersecurity strategy, including the importance of staff training and cyber resilience. 



Michael Sampson

Principal Analyst,
Osterman Research


Audian Paxson

Dir. of Technical Product Marketing, IRONSCALES