A SEG Doesn’t Offer Sufficient Protection From Email Threats

In today's complex threat landscape, secure email gateways (SEGs) no longer offer sufficient protection against modern types of phishing attacks and must be reinforced from inside the mailbox

The Your SEG Won't Save You white paper was created to help you:

  • 1Understand modern phishing attacks and how they can bypass a secure email gateway (SEG)
  • 2Learn why standards-based protocols like DMARC no longer offer adequate protection
  • 3Explore the future of automated, post-delivery detection and response
  • 4Discover how IRONSCALES protects your organization from within the inbox

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The IRONSCALES Difference

IRONSCALES is an innovative platform that provides complete protection against advanced phishing attacks for enterprise organizations. It combines the power of artificial intelligence with human insights to effectively detect and stop attacks such as business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), and VIP impersonation. The platform also incorporates crowdsourced threat intelligence data to continuously improve its accuracy and effectiveness in detecting phishing attempts.

One of the key advantages of IRONSCALES is its ease of use. Integration is quick and simple, taking only minutes to set up, and ongoing management does not require any specialized security expertise. This makes it accessible to organizations of all sizes and levels of technical sophistication. Additionally, IRONSCALES adapts to emerging collaboration and messaging-based threats, making it a comprehensive solution for addressing the entire spectrum of phishing problems.

In summary, IRONSCALES offers a powerful and effective solution for protecting enterprise organizations from advanced phishing attacks. Its combination of AI and human insights, coupled with its integration of crowdsourced threat intelligence data, makes it one of the most accurate and reliable platforms on the market. Its ease of use and adaptability to emerging threats make it the ideal solution for organizations looking to protect themselves from phishing attacks.

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