Uncover Threats Lurking in Your Mailboxes with a 90-Day Scanback.

Many advanced phishing threats including BEC and impersonation slip past traditional email defenses like SEGs. IRONSCALES' AI-driven, cloud-based email security platform automatically detects and remediates these advanced threats. Discover these threats lurking in your mailboxes today.

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Our platform protects your employee's inboxes from advanced phishing attacks that others miss, with the only technology that combines AI and human insights. Our platform is quick to deploy and  dead simple to manage (so you get instant protection).


Advanced Threat Protection

Protect Better
Block advanced phishing and BEC attacks (and never seen before threats) with our Adaptive AI—dynamically sharpened by real-world user insights and a community of over 20,000 IRONSCALES threat hunters.

SOC Automation

Simplify Operations
Slash the time your team spends remediating email incidents from 30 minutes per incident to 30 seconds. Our Adaptive AI scans every email for malicious indicators. When it finds a threat, it doesn’t just block it, it automatically finds and remediates all others like it in your environment.
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Empower your Org

Triple the email security awareness of your workforce and transform your employees into a crucial line of phishing defense. We make it dead simple to sharpen your employees' understanding of real-world threats with:

  • Phishing simulation testing
  • Security awareness training (SAT)
  • Dynamic email banners

...and a GPT-powered chat assistant

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Features of Our Comprehensive Solution

We reinvent how email and messaging are secured by fusing AI and human insights in a single platform.


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Detect and Prevent BEC and ATO

Secure your organization from business email compromise and account takeover attacks with our advanced technology that uses machine learning, human behavior, and business insights analyses to detect anomalies at the mailbox level.

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Protection Against Malicious URL & Links 

While traditional tools struggle to keep up with sophisticated attacks, IRONSCALES offers a multi-layered approach that detects and analyzes threats in real-time for effective remediation solutions.

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Real-Time Threat Intel for Zero-Day Attacks

Don't rely on outdated security info. IRONSCALES provides real-time, verified phishing threat intel directly from the source, so users are instantly protected when an attack is confirmed.

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Boost Efficiency with AI Incident Response

Reduce response times and click rates with our AI-powered, automated incident response. IRONSCALES alleviates SOC burnout by remediating threats in bulk and integrates seamlessly with a variety of SIEM and SOAR platforms for easy implementation.

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Empower End Users with PST and SAT

Simulate attacks with real-world data to drive user awareness and training. Unlike traditional simulations, IRONSCALES uses real-time data from a global community of security analysts, providing your team with the most relevant training scenarios.

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Themis the Virtual SOC Analyst

Our virtual SOC analyst. Make her an extension of your team and get automated email investigation and smart remediation (and spend more time on what matters).

"We adopted Ironscales a year ago, and it’s been amazing how they’ve helped reduce the time between identifying a potential threat and resolving it. We used to dedicate hours to manually going through reported emails and following up on them. Ironscales has helped us to cut the number of man hours down by 95%."
Augustine Boateng Interim Chief Information Officer, City of Memphis
“IRONSCALES is catching 80-90% of phishing attempts and other miscellaneous emails that shouldn’t be coming through. It’s performing as advertised, so when we do need to remediate, the process works perfectly. And our people are finally ‘getting’ security'.”
JIM WOLFF Director of Technology, Paramount School District
“IRONSCALES is the product that has saved our bacon multiple times now. From an administration point, I needed that simplicity. "
Walter Novak Director of IT, Valley ENT

Case Studies

"The ability to provide real-time feedback on both positive and negative performance has proven very effective. It’s a wake-up call for our employees.”
city of memphis