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In the most recent numbers from the FBI, the cost of Business Email Compromise attacks increased to $2.4 billion. The latest study conducted by Osterman Research reveals that BEC attacks are expected to grow and evolve rapidly over the next 12 months—targeting enterprise organizations and leveraging attack surfaces beyond email. 

Join the on-demand webinar as Audian Paxson, IRONSCALES, and Michael Sampson, Osterman Research, reveal the report’s findings and the latest BEC trends that are shaping the threat landscape. In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Most frequently targeted employees
  • Predicted 2023 threat level by organization size
  • Methods used to detect BEC attacks
  • The surprising new BEC attack channels
  • And more



Michael Sampson

Principal Analyst,
Osterman Research


Audian Paxson

Dir. of Technical Product Marketing, IRONSCALES