IRONSCALES Product Update:

Fall 2023


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Join us for an insightful webinar where we unveil cutting-edge IRONSCALES capabilities designed specifically to empower your cybersecurity strategies, ensuring optimal protection with minimal fuss.

Key Benefits to Anticipate: 

  1. Defend your business from sophisticated image-based threats, such as QR code phishing (quishing), through our advanced multi-modal model, uniting OCR, deep-text and image processing, and natural language models for comprehensive protection. 

  2. Put your phishing simulation testing on autopilot with autonomous campaigns (available in Beta). Simply choose the months you wish to engage, and we'll tailor and launch simulations rooted in real-time threats directly to your users. Afterward, we'll deliver the outcomes straight to you.

  3. Effortlessly compare your security awareness testing and training performance with fellow IRONSCALES users, all while gaining a crystal-clear understanding of real-world threat implications through detailed simulation summaries.

Maximize your cybersecurity efficacy and resource allocation with our latest feature set. This webinar is a must-attend for forward-thinking leaders committed to top-tier defense.



David Vuijsje

VP of Product Management,