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Augmenting M365 for a Complete Email Security Solution

A truly effective email security solution should include both spam filtering and advanced phishing protection. Microsoft EOP paired with our advanced email security platform will provide you with a complete email security solution (so you don't need to purchase an expensive E5 license).


A truly effective email security solution should include both spam filtering and advanced phishing protection. Your existing Microsoft E1/E3 licenses include Exchange Online Protection (EOP), which does a fantastic job at filtering out spam. EOP paired with the advanced phishing protection provided by IRONSCALES will provide you with a complete email security solution without the need to purchase more expensive E5 license from Microsoft or to have to rely on other Secure Email Gateway technologies for spam filtering capabilities.

This document is intended to support your decision to utilize IRONSCALES while recognizing that you require a smooth pathway to transition your Spam filtering technology. We have identified a transition strategy and specific configuration steps to maximize the utilization of your existing Microsoft licenses and capabilities. The goal to help transition Spam services away from your Secure Email Gateway to a commoditized solution that you already have access to but may not be fully utilizing yet.

Navigating Organizational Challenges

While the combination of EOP + IRONSCALES has been proven to be an effective email solution from a technology perspective, as an IT leader looking to make a change to the status quo, you are likely to face a number of other organizational challenges and pushback.  

Based on our experiences with customers in similar situations, we have created this guide to help you navigate internal challenges and find the best email security solution for Microsoft E1/E3 license owners.

  1. Communications: Over communicate what change you are making (a transition to commercialized Spam Controls), why you are making this change (extracting extra value from tools you’re already paying for), when you are making this change, and how individuals can quickly receive support.

  2. Lead From the Front: The IT organization and team members should make the switch first so they understand any potential impact and what to expect. Collect feedback and quickly document any concerns that may have materialized. Share these documents with your support team, make sure they know where to find this information quickly as needed.

  3. Prepare Your Team: Ensure your support team(s) and/or helpdesk are aware of the transition, support paths, common questions/concerns they may encounter, and how to respond appropriately.

  4. Focus on Executives: Begin with VIPs to minimize obstacles. Their successful experience can help promote the value of the change. Use a personalized approach to communicate support paths and consider a dedicated support location. Implement VIPs in small waves, mixing resistant individuals with early adopters to ensure a smooth transition.

Start to Scale

Scale up the waves for the remainder of the organization. With the VIP leaders on board, now you want to transition to larger groups. If you have many physical sites, break up the waves by function, not location. If you group waves based on location alone, the local support team will become overwhelmed, and local leadership could become resistant to this change, undermining the hard work you did with VIPs previously.

Finish Strong!

Continually add waves to the transition until complete. Remember, the objective of a successful wave is to prevent significant business disruption. Please expect users to object or question these changes, change is always hard, this behavior are humans doing human things. Continually focus on the goal: to make the transition as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruption or consternation within your business cycle.


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