Microsoft EOP + IRONSCALES: A Complete Email Security Solution

A truly effective email security solution should include both spam filtering and advanced phishing protection. EOP paired with the advanced phishing protection from IRONSCALES will provide you with a complete email security solution without the need to purchase the more expensive E5 license from Microsoft.

Download the Whitepaper in order to:

  • 1Learn how to leverage the Microsoft E1 or E3 licenses you already own
  • 2Discover key findings and recommendations for security and risk management leaders responsible for email security
  • 3Determine a strategy for navigating internal organizational challenges
  • 4Uncover descriptions and our recommendations on creating anti-spam policies in EOP
  • 5Reveal which reports are best to assist in monitoring the progress of Spam Tuning

Download the Whitepaper


“Based on experiences we have had with many customers, we put together this guide to help you successfully navigate the minefield of internal organizational challenges to ultimately arrive at what we feel is the optimal solution for a Microsoft E1/E3 license owner when it comes to email security.”

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