Why SEGs Aren't Enough For Email Security


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Native and standalone email gateways offer basic levels of protection against known phishing threats. However, they are complex to configure and manage, and bad actors have discovered ways to break through their barriers to land in the user’s inbox.

IT and Security teams are overloaded with the volume of phishing attacks that are missed by these complicated legacy email security tools. While they provide some protection, the threats that they miss could result in a catastrophic data breach.

Join this panel webinar to learn:

  • The pros and cons of legacy email security tools
  • Benefits of using a mailbox-level email security solution
  • Strategies for augmenting or replacing legacy email security solutions with IRONSCALES



Eyal Benishti

Chief Executive Officer and
Company Founder,


Stephen Kowski

Senior Director of Engineering and Information Security,


Steven Aichelmann

Vice President of Information
OneShare Health


Alex Paquette

Chief Operations